Artists, Craftspeople and Galleries

Canadian Indian Art

Canadian Indian Art specializes in a selection of original pieces from the Coast Salish Culture.  Our goal is to present the artistic craftsmanship of this traditional art form to collectors worldwide.

D. Ann Crossland, Cherokee, Painter and Sculptor

Ann is a tribal member of the Cherokee Nation and a Deer Clan descendant.  Educated as a biologist, she is influenced by the natural colors, forms and creatures that surround her.  Ann's Native American heritage has instilled a traditional, respectful belief that spirit exists in all places and all things.

Darlene Gait, Native Canadian Artist

Distinguished and inspired painter well known for her images of wildlife and Northwest landscapes from a Coast Salish cultural perspective.  Darlene's art reflects her passion and beliefs in the unity of humanity, respect for its diversity and the sacredness of creation.  She shares her talent for story telling, so natural to First Nation peoples, through her images and poetry.

Judith Durr, Choctaw Artist

Choctaw artist Judith Durr's original oil paintings are internationally recognized for her dynamic style.  Judith's hallmark signature is a rug, depicted in great detail, in the background of each of her still life paintings.  These exquisite works are created in layers, requiring much time and great patience.

Khot-La-Cha Gallery

Khot-La-Cha (meaning 'Kind Heart' in the Squamish language) features items created by some of British Columbia's finest Aboriginal artists and craftspeople.  Most of the artwork and crafts are made by the members of the Squamish First Nation.

Neokistomi Blackfeet Native American Beadwork

Neokistomi (Blackfeet for 'Three Bulls') features traditional and contemporary beadwork created by enrolled Blackfeet Tribal members.


Native Art in Canada

An Ojibwa Elder's Art and Stories

Art has become one of the last connections between the spiritual interpretation of a declining Ojibwa culture and the modern world. Here you'll meet some of the Ojibwa artists who use imagery to explain to a new genertion the spiritual beliefs of their ancestors, the story of Creation and of Turtle Island, of the Vision Quests. And you can learn how these artists have impacted their communities and the broader societies in which they function.

Winterhawk Pottery

The inspiration for Winterhawk Pottery was the artwork found in the Southeastern Native American burial and temple mounds, built centuries ago by the forerunners of the Muscogee Creek and Cherokee Peoples.

Zanzibar Fair Trade

Zanzibar Trading Company traverses the world over to bring back fantastic finds in Fairly Traded native handicrafts, tribal artifacts, personal care products and exotic elements for your home.  With items from Africa to India and Papua to Peru, they take great pride in their dedication to authenticity, Fair Trade, and the highest quality merchandise possible.