Liquid Silver

Many of our silver pieces are old and well-patinated. These liquid silver necklaces show their age well.

It's been said that as a person matures (well, frankly, as you age), you get the countenance you've earned. So it is with old silver - it has the look it deserves. We would no more like to see the fine character these pieces have developed over the years erased with a bright-new polish than we'd like to see great-grandma get a facelift.

We recommend you enjoy them for what they are - add a bit of your own character as you wear them.

First produced by master Santo Domingo Pueblo heishi-maker Ray Rosetta in the late 1940s, the crafting of handmade liquid silver has become a popular modern tradition in Native American jewelry.


Liquid Silver 1


Vintage handmade liquid silver. From left to right:

#5076, ten strands with matching earrings, 12" when clasped.

#5199, eight strands, 13" when clasped.

#5484, eight strands, 12" when clasped.

#5213, five strands, 13" when clasped.

Liquid Silver 2


Vintage handmade liquid silver.

On the left: #6893, ten strands, 14 1/2" when clasped.

On the right: #5478, six strands, 12" when clasped.