Wholesale Bolas, Bracelets and Concho Belts
Coming soon

This will be a list, representing a fraction of our remaining stock-in trade, of Bolas, Bracelets and Concho Belts. Due to the great number of these items, photographs are not available.

These items can't be ordered in the way it's done on other pages (by clicking on the "Basket" icon). Tell us what you would like to order (all at wholesale prices) and we will set them aside for you. All sales will have to be by check or money order since there is no secure way for us to process credit card or PayPal transactions for wholesale sales.

Now - sorry to disappoint you - but for our own convenience we cannot sell less than a minimum of $7500 for a single order. We hope you understand.

Lastly - we do have a large number of other items that are, for one reason or another, not easily listed here. If there are other kinds of goods in which you might be interested, just send us an email.

Best wishes, Dennis & Fredericka