Laguna Pueblo is located approximately 45 miles west of Albuquerque in New Mexico. The ancestors of the Laguna people have occupied these homelands since at least 1300 AD, and there is evidence that people lived there as far back as five thousand years ago. In prehistoric times, Laguna was located in the borderlands between the Anasazi people to the north and Mogollon culture to the south.

The Laguna people speak a form of the Keresan language. The modern population of the Pueblo is about four thousand members.

Pottery-making at Laguna declined almost to extinction by the middle of the twentieth century, but was rescued through the efforts of one remarkable tribal member, Evelyn Cheromiah. Her initiative inspired others to join her in reviving the ancient traditions. Although Laguna now produces relatively little pottery, compared to the size of its population, the work of its contemporary potters can be exceptional. Similar in form and decoration to the pottery of neighboring Acoma Pueblo, Laguna pieces are often characterized by bolder designs.