Zuni Pueblo sits in far western New Mexico, about 140 miles west of Albuquerque. The Pueblo's eight thousand or so members speak a language with no known relation to any other. Zuni was the first Native American settlement visited in 1540 by Spanish explorers, who thought it was one of the legendary Seven Cities of Gold.

The revival of Zuni Pueblo pottery in the 20th century was largely due to the efforts of two women who married into the Pueblo: Hopi/Tewa Daisy Hooee (granddaughter of the incomparable Nampeyo) and Jennie Laate from Acoma Pueblo. Distinctively Zuni designs include Deer in His House, Heartline Deer, and appliqued animal figures.

In addition to pottery, the Zuni people are justly famous for their needlepoint and inlay jewelry as well as stone fetish carvings.